Instructions & Ingredients

Our Mud Cookies are baked the same day we dispatch them to you for maximum freshness. If you fancy a melted mud on your cookies, just microwave it for 30 seconds and check it out if its already on your liking, if not, add another 15 seconds and repeat. 

To extend shelf life, stored Mud Cookies in the freezer the day you receive them for up to a month. Repeat above instructions, repeat until you get the melted mud you desired. Our container are microwaveable.


Please be advised that our product may have come in contact or contain peanut, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, or wheat.


Original Cookies
Ingredients: Butter, sugar, bakers flour, corn flours, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, eggs, chocolate chips, salt.

Mud Sauces
Ingredients: Cooking Chocolate, Nutella Hazelnut, Lotus Biscoff Speculos, Skippy Peanut Butter, Cadburry Milk Chocolate, Green Tea powder, Nescafe Coffee, and Sunflower Cooking Oil