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Mud Cookies - Combo 6 Assorted

Mud Cookies - Combo 6 Assorted

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Combo 6 Mud Cookies Assorted

It will come in a box of 6 mud cookies. You can choose first 3 flavours and we will choose the last 3.

Flavours Options:
Coffee 180gr,
Hazelnut Nutella 180gr,
Matcha Green Tea 180gr,
Milk Chocolate Cadbury 180gr,
Original Cookies only 125gr,
Peanut Butter Skippy 180gr,
Speculoos Lotus Biscoff 180gr,
Strawberry 180gr

Food Allergy Warning! 
Please be advised that our product may have come in contact or contain peanut, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish or fish.

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